AFHS Newsletter No. 88, April, 2023

Congratulations to Peter Evans on compiling this issue of the AFHS newsletter, and thank the contributors – including Peter – who have provided the articles. The scope of this issue emphasises the diversity of subjects that can be classified as “forest history”. As always, the newsletter covers a wide array of topics. There is a standing invitation for members to write for the newsletter, long or short, on any subject that catches your interest. 

Our founding president, John Dargavel, has written yet another book, Anthropocene Days (see p16). This is at least the thirtieth book that he has written, co-written, edited or co-edited.

Peter Evans has another three works in progress to add to the dozens listed on his website. While Peter is often associated with forest and railway history, his interests are broader than that, and his published work includes a 2017 book titled Sunbury: Australia’s Greatest Rock Festival

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