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- AFHS National Conferences
  1. Canberra, ACT, May 1988
  2. Creswick, Vic, Dec 1992
  3. Jervis Bay, JBT, Nov 1996
  4. Gympie, Qld, Apr 1999
  5. Hobart, Tas, Feb 2002
  6. Augusta, WA, Sep 2004
  7. Christchurch, NZ, Jan-Feb 2007
  8. Lismore, NSW, June 2010
  9. Mount Gambier, SA, October 2015

- 2015 Conference
AFHSI Conference 2015
9th National Conference
of the Australian Forest History Society Inc

21 - 24 October 2015, Mount Gambier, South Australia
The ninth National Conference of the Australian Forest History Society Inc was held at Mount Gambier, South Australia from 21-24 October 2015. The majority of papers from the conference can now be accessed below on this page. Download the programme of the 2015 conference and field trip at the bottom of this page.
- Selected Papers from The Ninth National Conference (PDF format)
1. The Waite Arboretum ─ Science, Trees and Technology
Jennifer Gardner
2. Early Forest management in Scotland's Plantations
Sybil Jack
3. Forestry in New Zealand's Changing Landscape [forthcoming]
Ewan McGregor
4. Environmental Wicked Problem Solving: A case for History
Lizzie Summerfield
5. Plantations and Playwrights ─ a history of Indigenous Australians's involvement in the plantation industry [forthcoming]
Sue Feary
6. Julia Marion Harvey Hale, Sawmiller
Peter Evans
7. A review of the early years of jarrah dieback research in Western Australia
Elaine Davison
8. Surrey Hills, the birthplace of industrial-scale eucalypt plantations in Australia
Robert Onfray
9. Mueller's Legacy: The Yates in Melbourne's Rotary Park.
Ian Ferguson
10. A Pictorial history of South Australian forestry
Rob Robinson
11. The lives of forty South Australian foresters
John Dargavel
12. History and consequences of limited eucalypt forests in the lower south east of South Australia
Brian Gepp
13. The South Australian Press and the forest influence debate: 1830-1954
Stephen Legg
14. The Planted Landscape: forest transformation in the Upper Clarence catchment, northern NSW
Jane Lennon
15. Evolution of sawmills in east coast eucalypt forests in the 1950s.
Curly Humphreys
16. Cork oak plantation trials in Victoria
John Taylor
17. Playing sad havoc with our forests: foresters versus railway sleeper-hewers in Victoria
Andre Brett
18. Forum Summary: South Australian plantation ownership and management-the past influencing future prospects [forthcoming]
Rob Robinson
An Ode to Mark Allen
Stephen Legg
In 2016 Steven Legg talked on the Exploring Environmental History Podcast about the inluence of forests on climate based on his paper presented at the Mt Gambier conference. Listen to the podcast episode using the player below.
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